Coffee Stain Malmö

At Coffee Stain Malmö I have mainly had the pleasure to work on the Mobile version of Goat Simulator 3. My day to day assignments revolved around converting PC assets to Mobile assets that used fewer materials, with less textures and optimized shaders.

The workflow usually meant taking the meshes out to Blender, mapping the textures to texture atlases. Create the atlas itself in Photoshop and then choose or create a new optimized material for that mesh in Unreal Engine. The assets shown below are just a select few of the hundreds or thousands of assets that I contributed with for the mobile version of Goat Simulator 3.

I was also responsible in creating a 50+ pages long Art-Bible, detailing the workflow for the teams working on the project.

I also got the chance to create a few new assets both for the PC version of Goat Simulator 3 and the original Goat Simulator Mobile game shown below.

During this project I've collaborated with people from Coffee Stain North and Piktiv.

Goat Simulator 3 Mobile Release Trailer